I want to thank Julianne for making my experience with Advanced Aesthetic Concepts very pleasurable. I have been working with Dr. Schmidt at Doctors Weight Loss Center of Cary for a year or so, to lose weight. I had reached a plateau in my weight loss that either less calories, more exercise or a stricter regimen must have been done. I wanted a realistic lifestyle, to make adjustment easier when I met my weight loss goal.

I decided to try the non-invasive Lipoplasty procedure to trim down my thighs. Wow! Not only did it help boost my metabolism, but I lost an inch from each thigh and 8 pounds total from both! I am now only two pounds away from my goal weight.

I found this procedure relaxing. Julianne was very professional and soothing. She answered all my questions, was patient with me and explained the procedure before, during and afterward. It was easy. I lost the weight exactly where I wanted. It was one of my best decisions ever. I would definitely do this again and recommend this procedure without reservation.

J.P. Cary, NC
Lipoplasty Patient

I’ve tried all kinds of dieting and exercise programs without any success. Then I learned about a non-surgical program called Lipoplasty.

With minimal effort on my part, I lost almost 7 inches in my abdomen in just 4 weeks. I experienced no pain, and no interruption to my daily activities, and now I look and feel so much better. My thinner body is proof that Lipoplasty works!

Stacey U.
Lipoplasty Patient

I am only halfway through my sessions but can feel a difference in the way my clothes fit.  After just four appointments, I am thrilled with the loss of 2½ inches!

Debbie Bohn
Lipoplasty Patient